More About the Team

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    Tanja Bivic Plankar


    Tanja is a former television broadcaster with 12 years of experience in television broadcasting and public speaking. On TV Slovenia, she found herself in various roles - editor of broadcasts, TV host, she was also intensively engaged in digital media and social networks and led various marketing-oriented projects. She is an active member of the Regional Crypto Community and has participated in numerous ICO media campaigns.

  • Matevz Caserman

    Member of the Supervisory Board

    CEO of Spartan Solutions, a passionate blockchain believer and a tireless analyst of business models. Started his blockchain career as a White paper copywriter, he now continues to supervise the implementation of new ecosystems in accordance with technological and legal limitations.

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    Andrej Plankar

    Member of the Supervisory Board

    Andrej is a highly skilled professional with years of experience in the fields of information technology and services, marketing management, negotiation, business planning and analytics.

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    Vasja Veber

    Member of the Supervisory Board

    After earning a master’s degree in marketing, he joined Matej to found a music management agency. Since then, he has been managing one of the best techno DJs in the world, DJ UMEK. With over 10 years in the music business, he has formed an impressive network of music influencers.

  • Melita Gulja


    A digital native, who feels at home in the field of communications and content creation. She gained her experience working in several PR agencies, and then continued as corporate communications specialist. She is now communications project manager at Netis blockchain technologies.

  • Governing Bodies

    The governing bodies of the alliance are the assembly, supervisory board and the management. The assembly, formed by the representatives of the alliance's members, decides on all matters crucial to the existence and operation of the alliance. Among other things, it takes strategic decisions, sets guidelines and work program and accepts new members into the alliance. The supervisory board monitors the operations of the alliance by, inter alia, supervising the material and financial management, resource management and their correct use and adopting the annual financial plan and statement. The management is the alliance's main executive body that organizes and executively manages the alliance's business and represents it in public.

  • Founding Contract

    The Founding Contract is the basic act of the alliance that regulates its business and operation. The Founding Contract of the Blockchain Alliance Europe was signed on February 5, 2018, by three founding members: Viberate, Netis and Spartan Solutions. The alliance operates in a democratic and non-profitable way.

  • Registration

    The Blockchain Alliance Europe brings together the legal entities that intend to launch or have already launched an initial coin offering (ICO), have already achieved at least their minimum goal or have the intention of implementing or have already successfully implemented the blockchain technology. Membership candidates are verified and approved by the management of the alliance. "With the membership, the legal entities are obliged to pay the annual membership fees and respect the provisions of the contract, internal rules and decisions of the alliance.

  • Code

    The members of the alliance are obliged to respect the code which determines the manner of the members' business behaviour towards their investors, the public and other members of the alliance. The members are expected to actively participate, adopt good business practices and business ethics, create a positive work environment and maintain a good name.

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