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    35,000 ETH ($10,7M)




    Viberate is a crowdsourced live music ecosystem and a blockchain-based marketplace, where musicians are matched with booking agencies and event organizers. On the platform, they list profiles of over 150,000 artists, 2,000 booking agencies, 60,000 venues and 500,000 events.
    Viberate is the first service to cover all aspects of the live music industry. Their vision is to revolutionize the way musicians are presented and booked as well as to open the world of live music to everyone. They intend to do that by decentralizing the discovery and booking processes with the use of the blockchain technology. In their ICO crowdsale held in September 2017, Viberate raised $10,714,285 in just 4 minutes and 42 seconds, reaching and surpassing their goal in an incredibly short period of time. The team work hard to follow their roadmap, which is directly reflected in their results as well.
  • Netis





    Netis blockchain technologies is an innovations lab and a consultancy, specialized in cohesive solutions for businesses, seeking a competitive edge from blockchain-based technology. Their consultancy framework allows them to offer a wide range of services around blockchain technologies, accompanied with strategic advisory and technology implementation.
    By bridging the wisdom of tradition with blockchain innovation, we provide businesses that are ready to take a leap in transforming your business with a comprehensive range of technology and communications services, accompanied with strategic advisory and team training. As a disrupting technology, blockchain is opening a path to the internet of value, in which information are secured, verifiable and permanent and where various agreements can be carried out automatically. By implementing blocks in company’s processes, the new architecture helps transform and manage the future of business, which is geared toward services and data. To significantly reduce the risks of internet devices, applications and platforms being compromises, they build state-of-the-art private and public blockchain solution that help businesses and services deliver more value to users while being less dependent. NXXTECH, Netis latest solution, is a full stack proprietary blockchain architecture based on Ethereum protocol, aimed at enterprises, ready to extract business value from decentralized technologies. It was designed as a means to empower organizations with a modular, flexible and powerful solution to help them develop and easily deploy custom distributed blockchain applications.
  • Spartan Solutions





    Spartan Solutions is a blockchain development company, dedicated to creating and supporting inovative and unique ecosystems for blockchain based projects.
    Many successful ICO projects used their consultancy and development services that include implementing token and business models and reviews, UI & UX design, creating and testing customized Smart Contracts, cross-blockchain migrations and community and communication channel support. Their full-stack support is a valuable acquisition to every blockchain project in their early or post-ICO stage.
  • Eligma

    13,178 ETH




    Eligma was born as a response to several key trends and issues identified in traditional retail as well as online shopping, the use of which has exploded in the recent decade. The goal of Eligma is to offer a set of previously impossible or unanticipated solutions to discover, purchase, track and resell items. This is now viable thanks to the development of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.
    Eligma will be an AI-driven and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform that will change the way people discover, purchase, track and resell items online. With its unique features, it will offer users a ‘one-place’ from which they can shop in all the online stores anywhere in the world, check the value of the items in their household, and learn the best time to sell them. Eligma will also offer users a completely decentralized universal loyalty program and help transform every household into a business. Eligma’s goal is to offer a comprehensive set of solutions consisting of discovery, inventory and loyalty pillars. Using artificial intelligence, Eligma’s engine algorithm will process millions of data points from numerous online stores to compare product specifications and characteristics in order to find the product with the exact specifications users are looking for. To save additional time and hassle with managing your assets, Eligma will introduce a unified shopping account, an inventory of everything a user owns, and a universal loyalty system that will enable the use of awarded ELI tokens with a great number of merchants.
  • Solidum Capital





    Solidum Capital is providing professional digital asset management services for the crypto community. They help crypto entrepreneurs accomplish their goals easier by managing their crypto assets, raised during the ICO.
    Solidum Capital is a team of experienced financial professionals who help crypto entrepreneurs accomplish their goals easier by professionally managing their crypto assets. Many crypto entrepreneurs are working passionately on delivering their products or services to the crypto community while passively hodling their crypto assets, raised during the ICO, in a wallet. These assets, if professionally managed, can yield higher returns and thus provide additional funding for the crypto projects. Solidum Capital utilizes a rigorous investment process and several successfully tested investment strategies which result in a consistent and robust track record. Solidum Capital's mission is to bring traditional asset management standards to the crypto economy with one significant distinction: their interests are entirely aligned with the interests of the clients.

Strategic partners

  • Blockchain Association


    A juncture of knowledge and ideas for creating a decentralized future.
    Slovenian Blockchain Association (SBCA) connect developers, students, crypto enthusiasts and organizations, who wish to take part of the transition into the decentralized future, in order to foster knowledge sharing, testing, and development of impactful blockchain solutions. They envision that blockchain technology will help us build a future where society and values of individual freedom, independence, governance and wealth are all strengthened, by creating new spectrums of transparency, security and efficiency. SBCA also hosts social and informative events and debates to educate about blockchain technology, its impact, examples and regulation. Slovenian Blockchain Association partners up with similar initiatives around the world, to offer a range of opportunities for people to follow the blockchain evolution and promotes Slovenia’s potential as a hub.
  • Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia

    DIH Slovenia is Industry Digital Transformation one-stop-shop in Slovenia and beyond.
    DIH Slovenia is a central national one-stop-shop to provide, connect and support knowledge, business and technology expertise, technologies, experimental and pilot environments, best practices, methodologies and other activities necessary to fully enable Slovene Industry in building digital competencies, innovation models and processes, support their digital transformation and raise their competitive advantages based on digital. Its multi-sector and multi-discipline partnership represents an ecosystem to sustainably support DIH`s vision on a short and long term. DIH also has experimentation and pilots for prototyping and testing of digital product available, whereas other necessary environments are in development. It will also feature a “show room” for digital solutions and use such state-of-the-art regionally produced collaboration and communication technology. Through building the network and establishing a sustainable ecosystem at national level, DIH aims at connecting and supporting different industrial sectors, providing for a broad spectrum of needs to support all industries that can benefit from the opportunities of digital transformation.
    • LinkedIn

      Emilija Stojmenova Duh

      Head of Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia

  • Blockchain Think Tank

    BTT is a non-profit association, it’s main principles are transparency, openness and connectivi-ty in all aspects of operations. The association builds bridges between the private and public sector and provides a platform for the transfer of knowledge, a market place to connect ex-perts with companies and various projects, above all it serves as a tool for issuing soft law and self-regulatory framework.
    BTT is operating since October, 2017 while a non-profit and non-governmental association has been officially established in July 2018. The basic principles of Blockchain Think Tank are trans-parency, openness and interconnectedness from all different aspects. The association Is building a bridge between private and public sector and creates a dialog between them by common understanding which fosters the development of blockchain technology. At the same time it transfers the knowledge and experiences through this field while members are focusing on drafting of guidelines and opinions for the regulators. The association combines more than 600 members and companies following the develop-ment of blockchain leveraged projects. Innovative projects and successful endeavours we’ve achieved together are a result of group effort, systematic and organised work within the working groups represented by blockchain industry, recognised and well established Sloveni-an companies, legal and tax expert, scientific and academic individuals as well as representa-tives from the public sector.

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